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Ploteus: portal on the opportunities for learning and training in Europe

Ploteus: Portal con oportunidades de aprendizaje y formación en Europa
Ploteus contains the information about, education and training opportunities in Europe, Higher education institutions websites, training courses database, schools...

Students mobility is a must, and to make it more effective, a wide range of opportunities for learning, at Community level, is necessary.


As ever, it is necessary for a good CV to include that they have attended a course abroad, or some kind of volunteering. Or perhaps that he has participated in exchanges... This is a way you can show that they have acquired personal skills and they have expanded their knowledge of a language.


Ploteus is a very intuitive tool for anyone to use, depending on their profile, to find information and resources according to their needs, on how and what to study in Europe.


The website is divided into different sections:

  • "Learning opportunities": you will find information about opportunities to learn or study in a different country from the European Union, being able to filter the results depending on each candidate’s educational level, subject or location.
  • "Qualifications": It gives information about the descriptors defining levels in the European qualifications framework (EQF). You can also search and compare qualifications frameworks...
  • “Guidance Services”: You can access different countries and the relevant information from each country.
  • “Moving to a country to study”.
  • “Exchange Programmes and Erasmus plus other Grants”.
  • “Recognition of Diplomas & Qualifications”.


Thanks to the Ploteus website, the student’s  can plan their stay and ensure their  successful training in another European country.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Padul

Közzétéve: p., 17/03/2017 - 10:01

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