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Youth exchange "What's my age again?"

What's my age again? Not a song from Blink 182. Our first youth exchange in Slovenia!

You are as old as you feel. We could directly connect this thought with the exchange that was hosted by Celje Youth Center between the 6th and the 14th of February as part of project Break the myth – spread the word (co-financed from Erasmus + programme). The youth exchange was lead by the Serbian organization National parliament from Leskovec while leaders of individual country teams actively helped with the implementation of different workshops.

In the youth exchange 30 participants cooperated from 6 states -  Macedonia, Poland, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia.  The title of the youth exchange was WHAT'S MY AGE AGAIN?! We were knocking down myths on different age groups and we intercultural connected and cooperated. Aim of the exchange was to create an online campaign on Facebook were different articles, pictures and videos were published on age stereotypes and how to overcome them. In the exchange an intercultural evening was organized, where we tasted traditional food and drinks. The participants had an organised guided tour of the Old castle Celje and of the natural history museum. Participants from Slovenia also actively contributed to the guides with its knowledge and experiences. The youth exchange took place at Celje Youth Center which has provided the sound system and projectors so that the topics were even more attained and understandable. The week started with the initial phase of getting to know each other »break the ice« and continued with the play mission impossible which was a full success. Following the getting to know part a free day of city guide and socializing took place. The week continued with the development of the campaign which achieved high ratings on Facebook above all because of interesting and undulated content. The exchange came to an end and the only thing left was the presentation of the campaign and the granting’s of confessions and lastly the hard goodbye to all the participants. The exchange went by in a wonderful atmosphere and brought to all new knowledge and above all many new friends for life. The most important thing that will remain forever will be the experiences gained and gorgeous memories obtained.

David Blagojević  in Rok Hribernik, Youth center Celje