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Aarhus and Pafos: European Capitals of Culture 2017

Aarhus (Denmark) and Pafos (Cyprus) take the places of San Sebastian and Wroclaw as the two European Capitals of Culture for 2016. They will have a year of music, theatre, dance, film and literature events showing their culture to the world

Every corner of Pafos -parks, streets, neighbourhoods and beaches will be converted into an outdoor cultural hall. Based on the ‘Open Air Factory’ concept, it aims to show how it can contribute to the European cultural scene with innovation, creativity and a desire to evolve from the past, while simultaneously advancing towards the future. Pafos has always been at the crossroad of the Eastern Mediterranean and through its modern multicultural reality now it will be the first European Capital of Culture, which will link East and West.


With the main theme ‘Rethink’, Aarhus wants to underline the challenge that cities are facing nowadays, which demand rethinking, redesigning, reconnecting and rebuilding culture and infrastructure. With the aim of creating sustainable solutions, Aarhus will search for new concepts of growth. Throughout 2017 will be focus in the themes of liveability, gastronomy, nature, sport and play, history, belief and generations.


The European Capitals of Culture are designated by the Council of the European Union for a period of one year during which they organise a series of cultural events with a strong European dimension. Started in 1985, the initiative has become one of the most prestigious and high-profile cultural events in Europe. A city is not chosen as a European Capital of Culture solely for what it is, but mainly for what it plans to do for a year that has to be exceptional.


Publicerad: Tis, 31/01/2017 - 15:43

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