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A new life for books

Books have a story. This is the reason why we are often reluctant to let go of them. However, a relocation or the refurbishment of our homes might force us to give up some. But then the questions arise: where shall we put them, and what shall we do with them?


If you find it too cruel to simply throw them in the bin, then this is the chance to consider some other options. And if it really comes to a break-up (and it is really not easy to let go of them), then it can be a reassuring feeling that they have found a new home. But how shall we find a new home for them?


Books do not need to be fed like pets or be watered like plants. If the concept of home is understood figuratively, books represent a value that we are not happy to let go of. We would like them to come to a new life in the hands of others, so that they flick through them with love and read them with interest.


It is good to give!


With books, we can give, help, and foster happiness. Maybe we don’t need them anymore, but we can make somebody else’s day with them. Christmas is approaching, and we could not even ask for a better occasion to look for a new place for our books that have become unwanted. Charity organisations are in need of donations at this time of the year more than any other time: they are happy to receive durable food, toys and books. You can also contribute to the collection of donations, even just with one book! Look around on your shelf and go through your cupboards! For sure you also have a novel or children’s book that you no longer need but that would make others happy. During Christmas, not every family can afford to buy presents and especially not books. However, a lot of children would be happy to receive a nice fairy tale, an exciting story or a good novel. Maybe, for you it’s a boring old book, but for others, it is a new world waiting to be explored. 


You will also feel good thanks to this kind of gifting because as a result, you will give happiness to others and make sure that your book is in a good place. The Santa Factory is collecting donations every year between 2 and 21 December, which they then distribute amongst families in need. You can also aid their work!


You can also hide your books in a shoe box so that somebody will open your present under the Christmas tree within the frames of the Shoe Box initiative. You can find more information about the collection points and other details here.


It is worth looking around in your city or district as well and look out for other calls as it is possible that a place near you is organising a collection. You can ask around in elderly homes, libraries and schools whether they need second hand books in good condition.


If you could do with a bit of extra money...


However, if you are thinking of selling them and would like to earn a bit of money, then you can go around some second-hand bookshops and look around on online swap sites. Often, we do not realise that those books covered in dust on our bookshelves might come in handy for other people. You might find out that they are rare or were published a long time ago, or maybe that they are impossible to get hold of, and somebody is in desperate need of them.


If you opt for a second-hand shop, it is worth making a list about the books you possess with the most important details about them like author, title and date of publication. In the biggest libraries and second-hand bookshops, first they go through the list and then decide which books they want to buy.


In case you decide to go for the online option, on the Könyvmegálló website, you can upload your books after registration and can sell them directly. It works like all the other bigger buy-sell sites, but here the focus is on books. Besides being able to sell, you can also find reviews on the site.


The sites of and Eladom a könyvem work in a very similar way.


If you select your books and let go of some, passing them on to those that are in need of them, it is not only your bookshelf that will be able to breathe a bit but you as well. Even if it does not seem a lot first, it is important that you can use them to make other people’s holidays nicer or simply make their day. And if you are breaking up with your books anyway, at least, your mind can be put at ease that they went to the right place. And after that, their place can be taken by some new ones...


Dóra Zolnai


Translated by Judit Molnár


Picture: Flickr

Dátum uverejnenia: pon., 16/01/2017 - 21:32

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