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Stories of volunteers - Aleš

Who are volunteers? Actually, they are simple people around us, coming from different life and professional backgrounds and doing volunteering because they feel like, and for some of them volunteering remains an important part of their life

What do you actually do as a volunteer?

I'm a president in organization Zastirka - društvo za permakulturo in trajnostni razvoj Posavja (Mulch - association for permaculture and sustainable development of Posavje region)


How and when did you start volunteering?

I started in 2000 as a volunteer in Youth centre Brežice. At the begining I was helping with some small things when there was some concerts or other events. I was helping to prepare place for a concert, clean at the end, selling tickets on the entry, etc. After some time I started to organise some hardcore punk concerts. In 2014 I was EVS volunteer in Spain…


Why volunteering is important for you? How it benefits the society you live in?

I think that volunteering help you get working experiences. Volunteers can get introduced into society, they can meet new people and what I think is the most important is that when volunteering you can discover yourself and find out what kind of think you like to do. Because being volunteer is fun and you can work how much you want. Nobody can force you into doing more than you can.

Without volunteer work a lot of things wouldn't be done. For example firefighters are mostly volunteers and they do a great job when something is burning. Everybody benefits with volunteering. Person is involved in a community and community get some work done for free by volunteers. 

Source: MC Brežice, Eurodesk regional multiplier

Paskelbta: P, 19/12/2016 - 14:24

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