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What about studying abroad?

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Euroguidance Ireland and Eurodesk Ireland would like to encourage young people from Ireland to think about studying abroad.

In 2016 Euroguidance Ireland and Eurodesk Ireland produced a new booklet on Studying Abroad explaing the benefits for young people from Ireland to study in another European country.

We have asked previous and current Irish students who took the opportunity to study abroad to share their experience, we have also listed some interesting subjects you could study in Europe as well as useful links for further information.


Studying in another European country could mean a lot, like for example studying what you might not be able, for several reasons, to study in Ireland, but also exploring a new culture, language and meeting friends from all over Europe. As well as discovering yourself and becoming independant, and having a unique experience of living in another country. 


Check our booklet now to find out more!

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