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YO!FEST 2017! Emerging Bands Contest (EBC)

Are you a young European band of up to 6 members (16-26 years old) playing pop, electro, world, traditional or fusion music? You now have the chance to perform in front of thousands of young people at the heart of Europe during the Yo!Fest.

YO!Fest 2017- Emerging Bands Contest is the annual youth festival organised by the European Youth Forum and JM International, in cooperation with the City of Maastricht and Muziekgeiterij. The YO!Fest is the European Youth Event combining politics, debates and workshops with live music and a variety of artistic performances, creating the perfect mix for an enjoyable and meaningful experience taking place in Maastricht, The Netherlands. 


The three winners (2 bands and 1 DJ) of the EBC contest will have a 30 minutes performance on the main stage of the Yo!Fest on the 7 February.


The deadline to submit your band's info, music and links is the 4 January 2017.


Selected candidates will be notified by the 11 January. They will receive travels to/from Maastricht, local transportation, accommodation, food plus 50 euros for each member. Bands are expected to arrive on the 6th and depart on the 8 of February.


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