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Interested in working as a holiday rep?

Teilnehmende einer Tanzgruppe auf einer Bühne
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Do you fancy entertaining guests at a hotel, organizing beach volleyball tournaments, running crafts and painting courses or designing a program to keep the kids entertained? Holiday reps are greatly in demand in the tourist industry.

Many helping hands are needed, most especially during the various holiday seasons. If you’re interested in such a summer job, here’s where you can find information:

The Federal Employment Agency has collated some important advice concerning work as a holiday rep.


You’ll find plenty of information about jobbing as a holiday rep on  www.traumjob-animateur.de and you can also apply directly to various operators from this site, too. The “Hall of Fame” lists hotels that holiday reps have already worked for: you’ll need to register to see details (free of charge and without obligation).


Some of the larger tour operators also publish their vacancies on www.animateure.de. If you wish to check out their job offers and possibly apply for one of them online, you’ll also need to register (free of charge).


You can find job offers for Spain on www.animajobs.com, for France on www.animjobs.com.

Further information has been collated in book form (German language only):  www.interconnections.de
“Als Animateur ins Ausland”, published by Interconnections, price €17.90

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