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The most important funding programs for start-ups

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Looking for a cash injection for your start-up? Potential financial assistance, for example start-up loans, grants and guarantees, is available to you.

Maybe one of these funding programs is just what you’re looking for:

  • ERP-Start-up Funding (ERP-Gründerkredit)
    With ERP-Start-up Funding, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) supports commercial and freelance start-ups and young entrepreneurs by providing low-interest loans from its ERP-Special Fund. If you require funding not exceeding 100,000 EUR you may apply for "ERP-Start-up Funding - StartGeld" while "ERP-Start-up Funding - Universell" has an upper limit of 10 million EUR and is aimed at supporting major start-up enterprises.
  • EU Program “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs“
    The Erasmus Scholarship for Young Entrepreneurs allows you to go abroad for up to six months to learn how to better manage and develop your own business. You’ll receive financial support in the form of a subsidy paid towards your travel and living costs abroad, especially for your accommodation.
  • Microcredit Fund
    Microcredit Fund Germany is one of the Federal Government’s measures to improve access to capital for microenterprises and start-ups. Microfinance institutes provide help and advice regarding application, repayment etc.
  • EXIST – Business start-ups in science
    The EXIST Start-up Grant provides support for students, graduates and scientists from universities and non-university research establishments in the preparation of a business plan for their start-up idea.
  • High-tech Start-up Fund
    The High-tech Start-up Fund provides capital for young technology companies. Technology sector start-ups may apply for venture capital with their business plan. 
  • Start-up Grant and Start-up Allowance
    If you are unemployed when you decide to set up in business, you may be awarded a Start-up Grant in the amount of your last unemployment benefit plus 300 EUR towards social security costs. Recipients of German welfare benefit (Arbeitslosengeld II – ALG II) may also apply for a Start-up Allowance that, however, will for the most part be deducted from the ALG II benefit.

The funding database (Förderdatenbank) provides an overview of funding programs at Federal, Federal State and European Union level:

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