Tairseach Eorpach na hÓige
Eolas agus deiseanna do dhaoine óga ar fud na hEorpa.

Cooperación internacional: ¿qué puedes hacer desde tu pueblo o ciudad?International cooperation: What can you do from your village or city?

Many times we ask ourselves: What can we do from here? Maybe we don't have to go so far to help on international cooperation.


In your daily life:

- Shopping and banking: When we go shopping, we can impinge on a distribution fairer. Practising fair trade we can choose products where people be not exploited, we can buy products which promote fair prices to manufacturers from South countries.

Neither forget about importance to being conscious where you put your money. Do you know what will do the bank with your money and where this will invest? You can devote your savings in many different sectors and be sure that your money will be invest in just projects.


In school setting, university or work environment:

If with your friends or mates from your job or from your university you have concerns to collaborate in a project or you know any collective who can need your support, you can help them raising money.

- Organizing an event or donating the money raised to a supportive project: A party, a match, a race or a concert and selling some goods.

- Organizing a supportive market: You can sell cakes done by yourselves, clothes that you don't use already, toys or other things.

- Solidarity 2.0.: You know Crowfunding or microsponsoring? Between all we can support supportive projects.

- Do you like sports?: You can participate in a supportive race. You can do it alone or with our friends.

- Organizing a recycling campaign: waste, plastic caps, etc.

- Supportive gifts: If in your enterprise you do any present, encourage your mates to buy fair trade products, postcards or calendars from an ONGD.

- To godfather a kid with your friends, in your enterprise or at your university: Via financial donation, you can help children to have their basic needs covered or help them to go to school.

- Economic donations: If you prefer to collaborate donating money, you can follow this recommendations from Fundación Lealtad website.

- Finally, here you also have a lot of project to be involved.



- Training courses: Short and concrete trainings with the objective to people acquire more knowledge about international cooperation.

- Workshops: Also are organized some events and workshops about international volunteering in cooperation area.

- Publications: Many organizations and ONGD who dedicate their activity in international cooperation to development, publish some newsletters where inform about activities and opportunities in international cooperation.


Being involved in an ONGD:

- To participate in an ONGD: To take an active part in an organization or ONGD, you only have to call them and ask them your inscription like a partner. Some directories of ONGD:

Guia de ONG – Consumer

Canal Solidario

- Also you can give your support by Internet! If you have a website, you can spread news and activities from ONGD, also via Facebook or Twitter.

- Return: In most projects about international mobility, is important to do a return about your experience and all the things you learned.

- Solidarity campaigns: In some concrete dates there are many campaigns to recollect food, school material, etc.


If you don't want to be far from your home, or you don't have enough money to do a volunteering in other continent, you can participate or you can organize some of the proposed activities. You will be helping the community at the same time you can have a fun time.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Consell Comarcal del Barcelonés


Foilsithe: Céa, 02/11/2016 - 09:03

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