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Educational values through short films.

Films have always been an amusement activity related to the leisure time. Using short films is a great opportunity to refresh this media and use it as a way of education.

Education in values is understood as a process in which people introduce ethical standards to their habitual learning. This is an activity that can take place in any organization using formal or informal teaching in different subjects.

Cinema’s brought to the big screen so many films and short films about different issues related with educational values.

Through 30 short films inside the program “Burgos creciendo en valores”, we invite all the students to reflect about friendship, charity, work as a team, respectful, tolerance and diversity.

Below you will find some of the films with their synopsis.

  • Cuerdas: The screenwriter and director Pedro Solís García has directed this small artwork which has been recognized recently with the Goya Award 2014 for the best Animation Short film. Affection, friendship, innocence or generosity are some of the values this Short film promotes.

  • El hombre orquesta: The Pixar animation factory is the author of this short film. The storyline reflects the importance of working as a team. Likewise it shows that rivalry is not good, especially when this attitude involves hurting other people.

  • El viaje de Said: Coke Riobóo directed in 2006 this animation musical made of modeling clay. The film wants to teach about immigration and other values such as charity.

  • El gigante egoista: It is based on a tale written by Oscar Wild. It wants to spread the message of generosity, the need to provide help to people when they need it, the important of listening and say sorry if the situation requires it. It also shows the consequences of a selfish behaviour.

  • Doll face: It was awarded in 2005 and it is a critic to the media and the woman’s stereotypes. It is important to accept ourselves beyond our appearances.
  • Pipas: It is supported by different awards. Pipas shows the importance of the education, and also reflects the dropout of our society from the perspective of two young girls.
  • El cazo de Lorenzo: to educate in diversity is the aim this Short film wants to transmit. “El cazo de Lorenzo” is based on a tale written by Isabelle Carrier. It relates Lorenzo’s life, a child who is different to the rest of the children. The red plot he always carries symbolises the difficulties and obstacles he has to overcome.

Destiny: The story considers some questions such as the trace of time, the possibility of changing our destiny, daily routine and the obsessions we undertake to progress.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Burgos

Közzétéve: h., 31/10/2016 - 15:12

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