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Carpe Diem: EVS & happiness

© Cédric Fernandes
Cédric Fernandes, a French EVS volunteer working in an NGO in Croatia, Karlovac, for 7 months during 2016.

After 2 years in Tourism school, and a few months of working or inactivity, my wish to see new horizons was growing. There were a lot of opportunities, but EVS was the most attractive for me: my first experience abroad. 

And this is how it begins: waiting during a few months for a positive answer. And it came from Carpe Diem, in Karlovac, a medium town not so far away from Zagreb, Croatia. A few months of mental preparation and I was ready to leave my country, my family and all of my friends. 

After the first day, here in Croatia, all my fears disappeared. And nothing could make me change my mind: I knew that I did the best choice ever. Since the first day, I met so many extraordinary people. Kind, friendly, attentive, touching, inspiring… Artists, musicians, dynamic citizens eager to bring new life to their town and their youth. From these encounters, I got something that I never imagined I would find here. Now I aspire to become a little more like these people, to the measure that I can. To become a better person, like they are. And this aspiration has followed me until the end: it was what motivated me to give as much as I could to this people that gave me everything. From the most insignificant moment to the most enriching encounter, now they will live on in my memory and in my heart.

They allowed me to participate in different ways in the life of the city, volunteering during events, festivals, concerts, exhibitions. I had the opportunity to improve a lots of skills, and discover news ones.  And at the same time, I had a lot of fun. I had the impression to be passionate about nothing; now I’m passionate about everything.  My life constantly revolved around work, but I was so happy to feel useful and to help others. That’s something that I want to find now in my own country. 

Volunteering for Carpe Diem was the best choice that I ever made. I discovered myself abroad; I found out what I like, what I want. This experience is just the first step of my new life. It is what I needed.

Now, I’m sad to leave them. I left my family 7 months ago for the first time, and now I have to do the same with my second family. But this story isn’t over. I will be forever grateful to all of them. Merci à vous tous !! 

Cédric Fernandes


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