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The Youth Guarantee. Training and Employ Opportunities

Garantía juvenil
Garantía juvenil
Data register easier and with the assistance of the Spanish Youth Information Offices.

What is it?
Youth Garantee is a european programm to unemployed under 25 years old (in Spain under 29).This programm provide a public grants for employing, education and training.


And how is in Spain?
You have to register for computer file and you must meet the following requirements:

Personal requirements:
•    Be between 16 and 29 years.
•    Have the Spanish nationality or become citizens of the Union or State of the European Economic Agreement or Switzerland which are in Spain in the exercise of free movement and residence.
•    May also enroll foreign holders of an authorization to reside in Spanish territory which enable to work.
•    Be registered in any city of the Spanish territory.

Other requirements:
•    Have not worked in the last 30 days.
•    Not have received educational activities in the last 90 days.
•    Not have received training activities in the last 30 days.
•    Acquisition of a commitment to active participation.

Some measures are:
•    Training with hiring commitment.
•    Language Training and ICT.
•    Non-work placements.
•    Impulse Dual FP through Training and Learning Contract.
•    Obtaining professional certificates.
•    Workshop and Trade School Program.
•    Second Chance Program (ESO).

There are also other to promote mediation, recruitment and entrepreneurship:
Web of Youth Guarantee ( It is the meeting point for young people, governments, companies and all entities involved in management. Also, allows discharged from the system through an internet application. It also includes a tool to enable companies to hire young people enrolled, whichever provided incentives for hiring these people.
Service Call: It has set up a telephone information line (060) and email for young people can receive all the information on the Youth Guarantee.

To begin the registration process, click here (,

But, the best is that many Spanish Youth Information Offices may assist you. Meet them:


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Albacete




Published: Thu, 28/04/2016 - 13:42

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