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Travel and study in Australia

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The antipodes, the place to which in the infancy we are sure to be able to travel if we do an enormous and long tunnel, are a continent less and less unknown, fully of attraction and that historically has fulfilled the adventurers' anxieties from his discovery.

The antipodes are Oceania with Australia ahead. Australia (Commonwealth of Australia in English), is the country with the largest population and territory of the continent. Actually, it is the sixth country in the world by area, 7,686,850 square kilometers. However, its population, over 23 million people, does not correspond to that surface. It is mainly concentrated in big cities: Canberra, the capital, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Its cultural diversity is demonstrated in more than 260 languages spoken in Australian homes. Also it stands out for its economic stability. And of course, for the variety and richness of its ecosystem. In its territory there are more than 500 national parks and more than 2,700 conservation areas. The distance between the EU and Australia is no impediment to has become an increasingly common destiny when it comes to perfect a language, initiate studies or find a job future. His ties with the United Kingdom have influenced in establishing the direct link with European countries.

Several elements must be taken into account wing when planning a trip to Australian lands, whether for work or studies. You must have a visa that will be different depending on the type of trip that is to be made. One of the main attractions that can lead to choose Australia as a study destination is the ability to improve English while the large labor supply is chosen and one of the most incredible natural environments in the world is known.

Choose to develop any kind of studies in Australia it is justified considering the high academic level of education in the country. There is a diverse range of courses in different areas, from English courses to undergraduate and graduate courses. The high level of training for foreigners Australian evidenced by the fact that it is the third country in the world by number of international students. The Australian Government spends more than $ 200 million for international scholarships each year.

There exist more than 1.200 institutions and more than 22.000 courses between which to choose. If you come to Australia with student's visa you will need to realize a course registered in the Record of the Commonwealth of Institutions and Courses for Foreign Students.

What will be the cost of your studies in Australia? Always depend on the institution and educational level. So, study English usually around 300 Australian dollars per week. The Education and technical training suppose between 4.000 and 22.000 Australian dollars. The title of PhD will cost between 14,000 and 37,000 dollars, while graduate degrees are around 20,000 and 37,000 dollars. Finally, an undergraduate degree is between 15,000 and 33,000 dollars. In any case, these prices are approximate.

Addition to the payment intended to pay the training costs, as anywhere else in the world, vary lifestyle. They also vary depending on the stay in a big city or in rural areas. The official currency is the Australian dollar; the change means around 0,600 euros.

The necessary visa to enter Australia as a student also offers the possibility to combine training with work experience. Stresses in this destination numerous employment opportunities that are offered to international students. Anyone who has a scholarship are authorized to work legally while making the course in which you are enrolled, although the number of hours authorized to work will depend on the type of course you do.

If you decided to start looking for training opportunities in Australia, there are several steps. First, submit an application for admission to the chosen institution and apply for the student visa. You will need to meet certain academic requirements, language proficiency and ensure solvency to pay for school and hire medical coverage.

Once completed, we just need to catch the plane to the country, landing on the largest island in the world and start living a great adventure.




Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Instituto de la Juventud de Extremadura