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Social Services: the great unkown of the Welfare State

Servicios Sociales
Servicios Sociales
The Social Services are one of the props of the Welfare State together with the National Health Service, Education and Social Security. They offer orientation and information about social difficulties and its form of access is free.

Anyone can face in some moment of his life a social difficulty that needs of a professional external support. Even so, the Public System of Social Services is a great unkown for the great majority of the population.
The entrance to this system are the Centers of Social Services, located of nearby and accessible form the population, with the intention of fulfilling his basic aim of proximity to the user.
A professional (Social Worker) will be the one who attends to the person in social difficulty and reminds with the person the most adapted measures to relieve the disadvantage situation in which is immersed.
The basic beneficts of the Social Services are all those helps of public character, regulated, which guarantee a minimum socially recognized for every citizen.
In the Public System of Social Services the following basic presentations are defined:
1. Information and orientation: it is a set of actions professionalized to announce the citizens their rights, the existing resources and the available resources facing a situation of social need.

2. Home help service and other supports to the family unit. The aim that it chases is to improve the quality of life of the persons in situation of physical and / or psychic dependence and to support the person in his nearest environment.
3. Alternative housing: the aim is achieve a situation that favors the social and personal development of the person, when the conviviality is not possible inside the family unit.
4. Prevention and social insertion: preventive activities directed to facilitate the social integration of individuals, families or groups.
5. Cooperation and social participation: the aim is to promote the solidarity and the social participation of the population.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Segovia Joven