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Create your own sustainable and profitable future by opening a Fair Trade Shop!

Tienda de comercio justo
Tienda de comercio justo
Are you tired of looking for the ideal job that gives a beautiful meaning to your life ?, do you have a heart with a sense of solidarity with others? If both of your answers are YES, you might want to consider opening a fair trade shop that can be a great and beautiful opportunity for personal and collective growth.

Perhaps you feel that you can do much more to help build a more just, equitable and sustainable world. If this is your case, the idea of opening a fair trade shop can be a truly beautiful living and working alternative that can easily be carried out by yourself or in form of a cooperative. No need to be an NGO to open a Fair Trade shop. To undertake such vital and personal project you just need motivation, enthusiasm and some tips you will find in this article.

The process to open a fair trade shop in Spain is the same as opening any other shop. The first thing you have to do is go to your local Development Agency or Chamber of Commerce in order to seek advice to develop your business plan and find out the necessary procedures in your county, as well as the legal requirements and subsidies that exist for individuals, associations or cooperatives.

Fair Trade products can be imported directly by yourself or you may reach out to buy products from the different fair trade importers that exist in Spain:


Adsis Equimercado:
Alternativa 3:
Fundación COPADE:
Fundación Vicente Ferrer:
Oxfam Intermón:
Taller de Solidaridad:


In addition to fair trade food and crafts from all over the world, you may also consider selling other solidarity and sustainable products from local business and entrepreneurs, such as organic food, local crafts, cosmetics and natural hygiene products, and even books on various topics related to solidarity and sustainability.

Also, you could add a second stage within the shop project, that could be a fair trade and organic catering service, and even consider developing an area for corporate presents and gift baskets with the lovely products you already have in your store. The possibilities of growth within your shop are many and very diverse, and they all have a very positive value and impact on society.

A Fair Trade shop can also become a beautiful social centre and unique space for individual and collective growth. Many group activities may take place within the shop: meetings, lectures, readings, films, workshops, etc. To sum up, you can create a unique living space where you can set free all your true living and working potential while developing an economic activity based on sustainability and solidarity, that has a huge positive impact at local and global level.

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Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Cantabria