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Fantastic Voyage... I am Cid Campeador!!

El Cid
El Cid
You enjoy history? You want to live a historical experience of the hand of the Cid, the legendary Spanish knight? We let ourselves be guided by a literary work on the borderline between reality and fiction?

First, let me introduce myself….. My name is Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, and someone, an anonymous person, wrote the seventeenth century, a poem about me, The Song of the Cid.
I propose to discover a part of our history following the trail of the Cid, where to start we will be surprised by the large number of memories that remain of this mythical character.
In Spain we have great tourist routes, cultural, through monumental cities, the nature through amazing landscapes, and we also have other historical, where you can live unforgettable experiences, wonderful landscapes and spaces that will captivate its history.
We started to discover two types of routes, road and trail, where eight Spanish provinces go over, cities like Alicante and Valencia or what is the same... "Defense of southern Spain", or Castellón and Teruel with "the conquest of Valencia" or "three Taifa" in Zaragoza, Guadalajara, and finally Soria and Burgos, birthplace of the Cid, and where the adventure begins with "Exile" by King Alfonso VI.
They are routes from 50 to 300 kms, joining each other through four autonomous communities, in total there are about 2.000 kms which are divided into 5 sections.
Areas where you'll find a low population density, but a great cultural environmental and historical wealth.
How can you cross them? As walking trails and rural roads, biking, off-road, MTB BTT.
Through classic bikes or motor vehicles such as cars, motorbikes bicycle touring, all by secondary roads and some expressways.
But before starting the adventure, it is important that you prepare before the trip, how do I do?
You need to look publications published previously on "the way of the Cid", you must seek topoguides, maps, personal stories, brochures, photo books.
The links that we propose in this article you will find this information.
You are now ready to start... ¡¡¡good way!!!


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Proyecto Melilla S.A.

Foilsithe: Lua, 11/04/2016 - 11:05

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