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How to be a good digital citizen?

Ciudadanía digital
We are spending a great part of our lives in Internet, then Digital Citizenship skills are very important to be safe and grow up in this kind of Invisible city.

We need to know a lot of things about the city and develop new aptitudes and attitudes as the critical thinking or emotional intelligence.


Sometimes to us is difficult to understand Internet because it is very wide, but if we consider that Internet is an space where it’s possible to contact with people, to chat, to study, to work, to make business, to find a lot of information, even to love somebody and of course to enjoy with all kind of leisure, playing, reading, listening all the music of the world etc then we can see that Internet is like a city, the biggest city in the world with billions of habitants, the most modern city, but an invisible city. Of course if we have a new city, we need to know the city and how to be a good citizen, and sometimes this is no easy because Internet is very new place and we don’t know it very well.


Mike Ribble is an author who defined Digital citizenship as the norms of appropriate, responsible behaviour with regard to Technology use, and he said that the 9 themes or elements important to take in consideration for good digital citizenship are:


1- Digital Access: it’s the first condition, Internet needs to be a right, everybody needs to have digital access to be in a equal society.

2- Digital Commerce: Do you know how to be a good consumer in Internet?

3- Digital communication: Do you know how to manage your relationships in Internet? Do you know to communicate appropriately?

4- Digital Literacy: Do you know haw to manage your information needs? how to find,  share, and use it ethically and fruitfully?

5- Digital Etiquette: Do you know how to be polite in internet, do you  know the norms for a wellbeing in there?

6- Digital Laws: Do you know what’s a crime in Internet?

7- Digital rights and responsibilities: Do you know your rights?

8- Digital health and wellness: Do you know something about ergonomic?

9- Digital security: Do you what how to manage your data and identity to be safe in Internet?


Well if you can answer to all this questions may you are a very good citizen of the invisible city, called Internet, but if you don’t then is the time to consider to go deeper and learn more about your city.


Some reflexions about your actions in Internet:


1- Be careful with your data, “your online life, permanent as a tattoo” (TED conference by Juan Enríquez: Your online life, permanent as a tattoo)

2- Be careful with your money and data bank in Internet

3- Be careful with your photos, in the invisible city, your “selfies” are your representation.

4- Be careful with your posts, think in how you will look at this in the future.

5- To be critical it’s very important, don’t believe all the contents, Internet it’s full of lies.

6- Refuse cyberbullying and report the cases that you know.

7- Try to be healthy when you are using technologies, your eyes and your back are very important and you need them for all your life.

8- Finally, remember, the best life is the blended life, in Internet you can’t smell the sea, taste a paella or kiss somebody...



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Ajo Monzó, Psycologist and Youth Work

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Palma de Mallorca

Published: Wed, 06/04/2016 - 14:10

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