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“Mum, I have applied for a scholarship to go to The Netherlands” I said. “Why? You have everything here” she replied.

She was actually not taking it as a serious statement. After all she was right, I had everything with me, why would I go anywhere else?  I always like to emphasize the differences between a traveler and a tourist, and as a potential traveler I was sure I wanted to live it. That was the answer, even though by that time I didn’t know the meaning.




I am walking through the security control at the airport and I am about to cry. Looking behind is not helping me as my family burst into tears. I am wondering if I am taking this too far and everything is out of control. Of course it was out of control, but putting it all together by myself later was the most valuable lesson ever.


That was just my first experience. An Erasmus scholarship that existed to remind me the rest of my life how well things could turn out when taking a risk.


By the time I finished my studies, I’d have loved to find a good job, so by today I could own a car or a house, having my family and friends as close as possible…  Instead what I found (let’s skip here ‘the permission paradox’) was a poor version of myself lost.



This is how I came to spend the next 18 months as an au pair in the UK which then lead to my current profession, working as a videographer on a cruise ship line. During my last 8 months I’ve visited 20 different countries. How cool is that? In a way, I felt that putting myself through extreme situations would help me to know and love myself better, something that you cannot learn if you stay in your comfort zone forever.




There are so many options to go abroad. Every trip is a lesson to be learnt. My suggestion is not to worry about what you’ll find but to make sure you cover your basic needs for the first steps on your new adventure. Then, you just need to go with the flow.


I love coming back home and feeling the same or even stronger love coming from my family and friends. I love how they never get tired of my stories, time and time again. And how they can feel and know the world through my words. I am so glad I don’t own a car or a house. I’ve got way better things that I encourage you to discover by yourself while travelling. ‘Now, I hear you talking and I feel so proud of supporting you to get in this adventure’ my mum said when I came back from The Netherlands. She didn’t know it was just the beginning.



Written by Jorge García-Casarrubios Castiblanque


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Gepubliceerd: Wo, 30/03/2016 - 11:57

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