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Travel to the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2016

Toledo capital gastronómica
Toledo capital gastronómica
The City of Toledo has been chosen so that throughout this year 2016, this is the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy. Travel to a world of tastes in the best kitchens of Spain

If you want to take a different, unique trip, we encourage you to visit the city of the three cultures, city which during 2016 has the title of Spanish Capital of Gastronomy. Toledo is a city in the south of the capital of Spain, just 70km away, where different cultures have lived together throughout the centuries the Christian, Arab and Jewish culture, recognized by UNESCO World Heritage which will delight most exquisite palates for this year.
Our journey must begin with tapas bars and gourmet kebabs, the Santa Teresa area you can find places where you can taste a great variety of kebabs elaborated with many ingredients and flavors for every taste.
Then travel back in time through the old town where restaurants as modernists in which using flavors and ingredients of yesteryear and hogan. They show us a different cuisine along with traditional Manchego cuisine or our rich cuisine of Don Quixote. Duels and losses, partridge, butter beans, selected and rich fish, with the amazing taste of their fires meats.
Toledo has a special dessert, a sweet of Arab origin which became ours through the time. The marzipan, which has inspired many, cakes, treats, ice cream or chocolates, which are manufactured only in our city, in ancient confectioneries or cloistered convents, using an ancient recipe with almonds and sugar.
And Night time, one Nocturn Toledo party and its gastronomic time in bars, in discos, in their cocktails, where you can find different places and environments to relax, rest in quiet places and taste a rich coffee, or do not stop dancing.
Throughout this year, the visit is complemented with gastronomic talks, forums on kitchenette where discuss and learn with experts, lectures on food or the Second Congress of virgin olive oil, days like the cooking pot in Lent by all bars and restaurants in the city, which will be repeated several themes throughout the year, activities such as "Fashion Salons", which brings together the cutting edge, styling and gastronomy, as something new.
Not only the city celebrates this feast, but the whole province joins with various events, fairs and various conferences on top cuisine to accompany Toledo in this special year. Detailed information about Toledo Spanish gastronomic Capital 2016, can be found at:
Do not forget to travel to the gastronomic city of Spain 2016, you can stay at a youth hostel in the same city or in a nearby city, we show the page network of youth hostels, and so you will be able to prepare your trip better and at a cheaper price. Do not forget that to take advantage of youth hostels you must have the hostelling card
Grab your backpack, and prepare your trip and come and enjoy our cuisine with your 5 senses:
-The eyesight: City Submerged Heritage Site in gastronomy.
-The hearing : the sounds of pans, pots and palettes in their kitchens.
-The taste: its dishes, for the most discerning palates.
-The smell: the smells of old stove, a food from home, homesickness.
-The touch: In the hands of our Cheff, preparing recipes which for so many years our ancestors have saved carefully.

'We are waiting for you traveler !!


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Santa Cruz de la Zarza


Közzétéve: h., 21/03/2016 - 14:16

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