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Generation Y! A generation changing the culture?

Generación Y
It is the generation born between 1982 – 1994, it is different in each country and they have in common that they are web savvy and more connected with the social networks compared to their parents.

Generation Y is a generation, which has many names, such as “Millennials”, “Gen Why?”, “Internet Generation”, “MyPod Generation”, “Echo Boomers” just to name some. It is the generation born between 1982 – 1994. Of course, the Generation Y of the different countries cannot be compared with each other. However, they have in common that they are web savvy and more connected with the social networks compared to their parents. With more than 140 million people it is the most influencing generation in Europe and it is said that they are reshaping our culture. But what does that mean? 


Once upon a time, having a university degree was considered as something very special. This, however, has changed. Especially Generation Y grew up with another lifestyle. Compared to their parents, they grew up using technology on a daily base, which makes them more connected to social networks. They are the first generation who is born in the world of internet. Since ever technology has been an important part of their life. Furthermore, they are highly educated, continuous learners, as well as collaborators. They are products of their culture and their influence. It was never that easy for a generation to adapt that fast. They are living another lifestyle and thus, forming a new society full of possibilities.


All of this also counts for the eight million Spanish Millennials, although they are facing some difficulties. They are willing to work, to change the world, but it is different for them in the current economic crisis, especially with the unemployment. The economic situation has, of course, an impact to their mentality. They are born in a time where the economy flourished. Additionally they grew up in save and comfortable homes, and most of them are still living with their family. Furthermore, they are the best skilled generation in time of redundancy: about 54% have a university degree.  Moreover, the Generation Y is also known as the one redefining work-life balance. This means that they are, compared to other generations, more into for example discovering new cities, experiencing new things or adding on extra days after their business trip for their leisure time. According to a research of the German firm “Cunsultin Cum Laude” Spanish Millennials are willing to do everything to increase employability and they are trying to find a real work-life balance compared to other generations in Europe.


The Generation Y is the most diverse generation ever since. They are the ones changing the culture, as they are questioning every single detail (Gen Why!), and are fighting for their dreams.



Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Alaquás

Published: Mon, 14/03/2016 - 13:16

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