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But first, let me take a selfie!

In 2016, taking selfies does not count as a brand new hip, but its popularity is unbroken. This statement is proven by the fact that we are taking millions of selfies daily.



The first „self photograph” was made longer ago than you would think, because taking self portraits is practically as old as the photography itself. We have to look back in time to 1839. This was the year when the dutch descent american pioneer, Robert Cornelius stepped out of his father’s shop and took the first selfie of mankind. Although its spread is a contemporary issue, the phrase was invented by an australian woman in 2002. However its triumph started in 2011 when the expression firstly appeared as an Instagram hashtag.





The word ’selfie’ was chosen for the word of the year in 2013. It overtook the word ’twerking’, so we can call this a result a success.

Of course taking countless selfies has brought its own extremeness. Selfieing can easily lead to the emergence of distorted self image. Becomes like a drug and however we are taking millions of selfies, the picture we see will never reach our expectations. And if the profile picture isn’t perfect and up to date those who are prone to this can be depressed.





There is no trend where sooner or later professional won’t appear. These people are seeking the opportunity to improve and revolutionize the given trend. This wave’s first herald was the front camera on smartphones. This at one blow ceased the „ I am shooting my reflection in the mirror but I cannot be seen by the glint of the flash” type of pictures.


The next step was the spread of selfie sticks. If the view of people who are smiling and grimacing at their own mobile wasn’t morbid and funny enough, now we can enjoy the same view with the mobile balancing on the end of a broomstick. Now we can take group selfies, we won’t be limited by the lenght of our arm. The real question here is that if it does worth it to go on sightseeing with a folding broomstick on our side.





French company, ExtraVerso is taking selfieing to a whole new level. They are now trying to get the required 20000 dollars on Indiegogo. (Currently they are at 14000.) Fort he voluntary contribution they offer no less but to make selfieing easier and to revolutionize it. If it pays off we can proudly brag: „Look, no hands!”

ExtraVerso - The Smarter Cover for Your Smartphone

The novelty namely resides in this aspect: ExtraVerso is designing phonecases that can be applied onto any kind of flat surface. This makes the whole proccess more elegant and easier than taking a selfie stick out. On the other hand I’m not sure if we can dignify clowning in front of a phone - which is on the wall - with the word elegant.

However it is a fact, that to the target audience it can be helpful. Besides the case will be barely noticeable since it is only 1,5 mm thick.


Nevertheless if you want to be a selfieking/queen you have to prepare that ExtaVerso’s case will only be available for iPhone 5/5S, 6 Plus and Samsung S5, S6 Plus owners.



wrote and transleted: György Pethő


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