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Want to have your say?

Learn how to get involved in the Structured Dialogue!

Want to have your say?


The actual way to do it is through the Structured Dialogue. The structured dialogue is an instrument to ensure that the opinion of young people is taken into account, when defining your-related policies of the European Union. To achieve this, the structured dialogue brings together young people and policy-makers across the EU to jointly discuss and feel into youth policy at national and European level.


In the Member States, the participatory process is organised and ensured by National Working Groups comprising, amongst others:

  • representatives of youth ministries,
  • national youth councils,
  • local and regional youth councils,
  • youth organisations,
  • young people from diverse backgrounds, and
  • youth researchers.


You can learn more about the Structured Dialogue by clicking here.


One of the easiest ways to have your say through the Structured Dialogue is to join to a youth organisation like ESU, ESN, EMSA Europe, EFIL, AEGEE, etc. They have already set some structures that could allow you to participate.


You can also participate through the National Youth Council of your country or

INGYO (International Youth Organisation).


In addition, you are able to get involved through:


  • Taking part in the online consultations
  • Taking part in off line consultations/debate
  • Following-up the recommendations


To get more information about different projects, be sure to check out the European Youth Forum.


It’s your turn. Get involved. Have your say. Be listened. Your voice matters!


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