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Are you a secondary school student? Tell this to your teacher!

To learn more about new teaching methods, check out the 3 specialised tools for schools and teachers at the School Education Gateway.

Funded by Erasmus+, these tools are designed to enable teachers to take full advantage of the programme's funding opportunities:

  • Course catalogue: professional development courses for schoolteachers & other staff
  • Mobility opportunities search tool: teaching assignments & job shadowing in a host school or other organisation abroad for school staff
  • Strategic partnership search tool: partner schools or other organisations across Europe for joint projects to boost standards & the quality of teaching & learning

School Education Gateway – launched in January 2015 – is a one-stop-shop in 23 languages for teachers, schools, experts and others. It provides updates on issues such as assessment, skills, curriculum and early years education.


Teachers can

  • Share good practice
  • Learn about successful education projects across Europe
  • Browse collections of publications
  • Read articles by experts in primary & secondary education

The platform will also keep you up-to-date on the latest EU education policy, news, trends, national initiatives, school projects, opportunities for interaction and additional resources.


The European Commission

  • Works with EU countries to develop their primary & secondary education systems
  • Supports some national education initiatives
  • Gathers & shares information & analyses, encouraging the sharing of good policy practices
  • Produces regular studies on the situation across Europe, to monitor progress

Published: Fri, 27/11/2015 - 09:38

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