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Travelling Safely – Keeping Safe Abroad

© Flickr, Moyan Brenn (CC BY 2.0)
At home or abroad – wherever you're travelling, the same basic rules apply: Choose your companions with care, and don't put yourself in potentially dangerous situations.

Be careful and cautious, especially in unfamiliar surroundings. If you want to go out in the evenings, make sure you know how to get back to your temporary home. Stay away from alleyways and backyards! Under no circumstances should you hitchhike, and never ever go anywhere with strangers!


It's a good idea to ask local people you trust (host parents, work colleagues, fellow students, and hotel staff) about unsafe areas and what to look out for. If possible, leave your contact number with people you trust and tell them where you're planning to go. If you are out with others, avoid going off by yourself.


Of course it's great to party – it's a brilliant way of meeting new people. But be careful with alcohol consumption and make sure that you're still in control and able to assess the situation. 


Never accept drinks from strangers, especially drinks that have already been poured or bottles that have been opened, and never let your own drinks out of your sight. Drugs and knockout drops are dangerous and often can't be detected by smell or taste.


Are you aware of the bracelet scam, the teahouse scam, or the unsolicited-taxi-stop scam?

Check the Safety Scouts Playlist videos and learn about these and many other well-known scams used by con artists, and how you can avoid them.