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We are Europe. Every day: video competition

We are Europe. Every day
What makes you proud to be a European? How do you live your life being a European citizen? Show it to the European Commission in a short video and get a cash prize for it!

If you are a production company or an individual over the age of 18 and eager to share your experience about life within the European Union, this video competition is made for you. Just submit your project before 10 March 2014 and you might be one of the three winners sharing the €10,000 prize of the competition.

Creative route: think of a specific date on which an important event in the history of the European Union occurred, compare it to what it meant for you and how it affected your personal life and create a video mixing your personal events with EU significant events.

For this purpose, you have full access to the database of video stock shots and news extracts from the online Audiovisual Library of the European Commission or of the United Nations. 

Good luck and don't forget, we are Europe, every day! 


We are Europe...every day - Video Contest


Publicat: Mi, 22/01/2014 - 10:54

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