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Is your degree valid outside your country?

There are two main reasons you might need to have your studies recognised in another country: when you are going on an Erasmus or other exchange, or when you want to move to another country to study or work.

European credit transfer and accumulation system (ECTS)

If you're moving inside Europe ECTS makes it much easier to get your studies recognised.

You can claim ECTS credits for each course you've successfully completed:

  • 1 credit = 25-30 hours of work
  • 1 academic year = 60 ECTS credits

However, education institutions are free to decide how many ECTS credits their courses are worth.

More on how ECTS works


Credential evaluation/recognition

If ECTS credits are not available for courses you've done in the past, you might have to apply for credential evaluation/recognition. This will help both you and your target university understand how your previous study relates to its courses.

Depending on the country, responsibility for evaluating your previous study will lie with the educational institution, the relevant education ministry or the national academic recognition or information centre.

To get more specific information, contact the national information centre in either your country or the country you want to go to.

In countries where there are no such centres, contact the ministry of education.