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Learn a trade

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Whether you're still in school or a university graduate, vocational education and training can help you prepare for the global jobs market, giving you the skills you need for specific career paths.
Jobs requiring medium qualification levels still outnumber those requiring a university degree – so the benefits of acquiring vocational education and training are obvious.


Find out more about vocational education from Euroguidance - Resource Centres for Vocational Guidance


Vocational schemes tie in with the apprenticeship system – both feature a mix of practical work experience and theory. They can take place at secondary, post-secondary or further education level, but are not equivalent to higher education.


If you're a student, you can improve your work-related skills through placements in different countries under the Erasmus+ Programme.


Greater recognition for vocational learning

There are several European initiatives to enhance the recognition and quality of skills and qualifications gained through vocational schemes:

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