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Study abroad with ERASMUS – the experience of a lifetime

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Aside from the educational, cultural and personal benefits, doing an ERASMUS year can give your future career a definite boost.

With the EU's ERASMUS scheme, you can study for 3 to 12 months in one of over 4,000 universities in over 30 participating European countries.

To help you cover travel and living costs, you can apply for an ERASMUS grant and won’t have to pay any fees at your host university.


Which countries offer ERASMUS?

All the EU countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.


Who can apply?

To apply, you must:


How to get started?

  • Contact your university’s international and/or ERASMUS office to get information on specific opportunities, the selection procedure and financial support.
  • Check the ERASMUS student charter, which sets out your rights and obligations during your period abroad.


“It was easily the best year of my university life, where I exploited new opportunities that were not available at my home university as well as making many good friends. The ERASMUS year gave me a new vision of the world that goes beyond my home country and even Europe.”

Tomás Sánchez López’s from Spain spent the final year of his Master’s degree in Finland in 2002.


During your ERASMUS year

Going to classes and getting to know a different university system is a great part of your time abroad, but meeting other ERASMUS students and dipping into another culture is also part of the deal. The ERASMUS Student Network can help you with that, just find a local section close to you and see what they have planned.


At the end

At the end of your period abroad, your host institution must give you and your home institution a transcript of records confirming that you fulfilled the learning agreement and stating your results.

Your home institution must give you full academic recognition for completing the activities on your learning agreement using ECTS credits.