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Thank you to everyone who took part in our online consultation. The New Narrative for Europe aimed at involving young people on the discussions for the future of Europe. We value all the constructive suggestions to build a better Europe and address the challenges ahead.

Ideas were gathered from four activities:

  • #MyEuropeMyFuture photo competition
  • #TellUsIn12 short story competition
  • #EUVision video competition
  • The online consultation.

Overall, 562 comments were posted on the consultation from over 40,000 visitors. Collectively the campaigns social media posts yielded over 13,000 interactions on Facebook and over 2000 interactions on Twitter.

Ideas and suggestions have been put together to create the 12 ideas for the future of Europe. These are made from the most important themes highlighted by young people and include easy access to information for young people who want to move and work abroad with a view to encouraging youth employment and support recycling and positive environmental actions more widely. After a fruitful discussion amongst 100 young participants around these themes, the "Narrative" by young people is to be presented publicly on 31 January 2018 to Commissioner for Education Youth, Sport and Culture Tibor Navracsics, in Brussels. The text will be made available online on the very same day.