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Sad, but true: bullying occurs among children and teenagers all across Europe.


 The Netherlands has a whole range of school programmes that teach children how destructive bullying can be. As a class, they learn how to behave towards each other without bullying. Want to learn more about these programmes? Check out this website.


Report button

Bullying is actually pretty easy to do, spineless as it may be, but if you’re the person at the receiving end, it is incredibly tough to take. So what can you do if you’ve become the brunt of bullying? The website (meldknop is Dutch for ‘report button’), provides all sorts of information about bullying, as well as an actual button you can add on your computer. The button is always displayed when you’re online and can be used to get help, information or advice.


If you want to talk to someone about bullying, there’s a special website where you can chat.

There’s also a European site for situations specifically related to cyber bullying.



Want to do your share to wipe out bullying in Europe? Just look around you. If you see other kids being bullied, stick up for them. Let them know they have your support – if only in spirit, as even that sense of solidarity can help. It could be something as simple as sending an email or a post or private message on Facebook.


If you’re really keen to make a difference, you could also organize an exchange with kids from other countries. Then you can discuss bullying with each other and forge a plan for wiping our bullying for good where you live! This can also be really effective if you’re the one being bullied as it can help to talk to peers who have experienced (and overcome) the same thing. Whether you’re living in Bulgaria, France or Italy, you can reach out a helping hand across any border.

Published: Thu, 07/11/2013 - 17:40

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