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Travel advice from the Dutch government

Photo by: Alaskan Dude
Did you know one of the services the Dutch government offers is an up to date travel advice for all the countries in the world?

Quite convenient when you are planning a trip but are not completely sure what the current safety situation is. Would you know what you’re up against in for example Burundi, Azerbaijan or Quebec?


The Dutch government uses colour codes to indicate the safety in a country. So even if you don’t speak any Dutch you can see what the safety risks are in a particular area. What colour the country has on the map, indicates how many safety risks there are if you travel there as a foreigner:


Green      No particular safety risks;

Yellow     Be careful, safety risks;

Orange   Only travel here if necessary;

Red         Don’t travel here.


If you do know the Dutch language, you can even have the updates of a travel advice for a particular country forwarded automatically to your mailbox. In this way you can stay tuned when your departure date is still months away but you want to keep track of the latest developments.


This is the website (in Dutch) leading directly to the up-to-date travel advice.



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