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Environmentally-friendly travel options

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If you’re like most students, a holiday sounds like heaven just about now… No classes, no work, no bother. The freedom to do what you please – or to do nothing at all. But should you set out into the unknown, or stay at home?


Homebodies may feel they’re missing out by not going abroad, but did you know that you’re actually doing the environment a huge favour? And that actually feels pretty good!


Of course, travelling is a fabulous experience: exploring another country, tasting new dishes and getting away from it all. But travelling is also pretty bad for the environment… Sad, but true. Fortunately, you can control just how much of an impact your trip has on the planet. For example, did you know that it really makes a difference whether you take a bus, train, car or plane?


Environmentally-friendly travel: the top 4


1. Bus: it’s one long sing-along with your fellow travellers and the driver, or your MP3 player, on the way to your destination.

2. Train – preferably high-speed: sit back and watch the panorama fly by as you speed to your final stop.

3. A full car: no worries, as long as there’s enough room for everyone’s bags...

4. A plane or car on your own: obviously, this option is all about minimum effort.


Planes are the worst option as far as the environment is concerned. Just the idea of how much petrol these giants use is enough to make anyone sick. A better option is to all pile up in the car, or take the train or a bus. And from an environmental perspective, organized bus trips are actually the best choice. Plus, it may just convince your parents!


Moreover, did you know...?


It’s better to go on one four-week holiday every year than on three one-week breaks. Just imagine, four weeks of lazing on the beach in Spain, or making friends at a campsite in Germany, France or Italy. It may sound odd, but the longer you stay in one place, the better.


What’s also good to know, is that you can actually compensate the environmental damage of your trip. It’s called climate compensation. One option is to make a donation to a green project involved with windmills or solar panels. Or ever heard of ‘green seats’ in air travel? These are plane tickets that actually give back to the environment. A portion of the ticket price you pay goes to projects that support the environment, thereby cancelling out the effect of the aircraft’s emissions.


Even simply hiring bikes or a caravan at the campsite or hotel where you’re staying will help to protect the environment, and is definitely preferable to hitching a bike on the back of the car or towing a caravan the entire distance.


And even more basic than that, stay on marked paths and trails to ensure you don’t disturb the local plant and animal life while you’re on holiday. You may never have thought to do any different, but now you have an excellent reason!


Published: Wed, 02/10/2013 - 14:41

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