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The EU entrepreneurial action plan

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Naturally, the EU would like nothing better than for all of its inhabitants to live carefree lives, all doing what they love for a living. But that’s easier said than done.


Jobs are not simply there for the taking. In an ideal world, more people would create their own jobs – in other words, be entrepreneurs. To go some way towards achieving its vision of a prosperous and happy Europe, the EU has developed its own action plan for entrepreneurship, designed to help those wishing to start their own business and, more particularly, to create a favourable business climate for all.


This large-scale plan formulates several objectives. It will be up to the European Union and the men and women who shape policy in each member state to achieve these objectives.


Objective 1: Get as many young people as possible interested in starting their own business

To expose youngsters to entrepreneurship as much as possible, the EU wants schools to teach classes in business. The thinking is, if you learn about business ownership at school, you’ll have an idea of what to expect and know whether it’s the right path for you.


Objective 2: Encourage budding entrepreneurs!

This is mainly about providing information on the all the ins and outs of owning a business. Taking the plunge and pushing ahead with your own plan can be pretty scary. The EU wants to take the fear out of entrepreneurship, which means smoothing the way and providing all possible information on what to do if you want to start for yourself.


Objective 3: Give entrepreneurs a future

With Europe aiming to mould better entrepreneurs in the future, this objective requires some research. The EU has earmarked a large amount of funding for research and technological development for SMEs (small and medium enterprises), also to stimulate talented young entrepreneurs. And then it’s all a matter of teaching by example...


Objective 4: Enhancing monetary flows

The EU has plenty of expertise in managing large flows of money. By investing funds as effectively as possible, Europe will be able to grow as an enterprising continent.


Objective 5: Simplifying European rules and administrative procedures

Europe has its own internal market, meaning that instead of independent national markets, all of Europe operates under the same flag. The SME community has to be more closely involved in decisions relating to rules and plans for this internal market.


The Commission will soon be kicking off a trial project aimed at an even more pan-European market, providing SMEs with cross-border ambitions with a one-stop-shop system under which they only need to satisfy one set of EU requirements, rather than a series of different rules for each country. 

Published: Thu, 07/11/2013 - 17:27

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