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International Traineeships – Train your way to the top!

Foto by: EU Social http://www.flickr.com/photos/socialeurope/
In times of crisis, finding a job is not so easy. Maybe you’ve already considered doing an unpaid internship just to get some work experience. And yet... you're an ambitious person: you want to prove what you're worth right now.


In that case, have you ever considered working as a trainee, possibly in another country? A traineeship is different from an internship because you get paid. Plus you will have every opportunity to develop your potential and prove that you're ambitious enough to work your way up the ladder – and are prepared to work hard to get on!


Basically, a traineeship is a combination of a job and training, often within the organization where you're working. The idea behind traineeships is that it's a way for companies to recruit ‘high potentials' (aka ‘HiPos’) and train them to be the ideal manager or director. The advantage for you is that you’re not immediately saddled with huge responsibilities, that you can do paid work, and at the same time explore what you're really good at, all within the safety of a structured programme. The company benefits because they can shape and train you into their perfect employee.


Traineeships normally last a minimum of one year, but may go for as many as three years. Essentially, being a trainee means you’ll be groomed to work at the top level of the company. For that reason, the selection procedures for traineeships are usually very tough and intensive. But provided you get accepted, you'll be given every opportunity to demonstrate your abilities, to learn and to develop your skills, and of course to achieve your ambitions.


Some traineeships even offer the chance to gain work experience in several different departments within a large company. That means you can get a sense of whether you're suited to work in the different positions available at that company and then determine in which direction you'd ultimately like to work.


There are lots of multinationals that run traineeships to recruit HiPos and bind them to the company early on. If you’re interested in doing an international traineeship, check out what's on offer via the links below: