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Insurances for Employees in the Netherlands and other work related issues

Are you looking for a job in the Netherlands? Or are you simply checking your options in different countries? In the Netherlands the organisation that can help you is UWV. UWV can be translated as Employee Insurances Implementing Agency or more commonly used: Employee Insurance Schemes Implementing Body


UWV is there for all Dutch employees, but also for others that want to work in the Netherlands. If you need specific information about working in the Netherlands, finding a job here or how the labour market functions: the website (linked to UWV) is the place to be.


This website provides you with information on:


* Do I need a work permit if I want to work in the Netherlands?

* UWV can help you if you want to work in the Netherlands

* Looking for work in the Netherlands

* Applications in the Netherlands

* Working and living in the Netherlands

* Information about the labour market in the Netherlands



You can even find all the information you need in German, French, Portuguese, Greek, Spanish etc. on the following website:

Published: Tue, 01/09/2015 - 13:32

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