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Photo by: Ioana
Hello, I’m Ioana Petrescu, I am 25 years old and Romania is my homeland. Until 2014 I’ve studied Management at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies.

"I’ve just graduated my Master degree. During my studies I have been working in an advertising agency, and volunteered for the biggest student NGO in Europe, Erasmus Student Network. In 2011 I had my first international experience, and since September 2014 I am doing my EVS project in the Netherlands, where I work with people with mental and physical disabilities."



"Since my first international exchange in Porto, Portugal, I developed an addiction towards this environment. I do enjoy meeting new people and travelling to different places. All these international programs give us the chance of exploring and testing our boundaries, so, why not take advantage of them?"


Dutch promotion

"I have been here before and I have also met a couple of Dutch people, and for sure they knew how to promote their country. The project that I applied for seemed interesting so I decided to go for it.

I have been working with international people since almost 3 years and a half, so I expected the same kind of lifestyle as they had back home, which involves knowing how to manage yourself better, going for new challenges, meeting people, visiting different locations and being in an open-minded environment."


Planning the future

"When I have some free time, there is an inner battle between planning your future destinations and doing something for ESN. Usually it ends up with me being laptop attached and stuck in some train station in the Netherlands."


Forever changing weather

"These almost 10 months were full with ups and downs. I can actually say that I had it all, and even trying to make a short resume of them would take a long time. Except the forever changing weather. I had to make clear some aspects that dealt with the organizational part of the project, learn how to let things go and just do what’s best in order to get peace, quiet and an amazing experience. Also there are different social rules here, Dutch people being quite different from Romanians, thus making the simple action of reaching locals a bit of a challenging situation. Nonetheless, the winter period is quite difficult for a traveller, especially when you end up stuck a couple of times in a cold and windy train station. But all of these make you a stronger and better person, that can easily face any obstacles. And in the end, you end up with a good story and you can prove to others how much you have done and lived."   


In retrospect

"As every other experience abroad it brings you memories, a lot of them.

I would just say, go for it, head first. The only thing one should be aware of is that there will always be something unexpected happening, but if you are stubborn enough, you can get the best of it. Also, just reach out and meet people because you never know how good it can turn out."

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