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Film festivals in Europe

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Hollywood is here! Think only Hollywood can make a movie? Think again. Europe boasts a treasure-trove of cinematic gems simply waiting to be enjoyed.

Films about lives in Europe, about cultures so close that you could easily pack up and live there and about people who are quite literally your neighbours. Europe may not be very big, but in films, it’s vast!


Films are works of art. An artist can tell a story through a painting, an image, a musical composition or a photograph. A film can bring together all four of those art forms. It can be as quiet and tranquil as a painting or as fierce as a photograph taken in a war zone. Using images, music and special effects, each filmmaker tells a unique story.


Every filmmaker imbues their work with their own history, culture, worldview and convictions. In that sense, every film is a glimpse into someone else’s life. A film says more than a thousand words, and simply by letting the images wash over you, you can be submersed in an entirely different world.


Europe is also rich in international film festivals. So many films made by and for Europeans, and all so close!


Check out what’s on across the border and plan your trip abroad to coincide with an international film festival that showcases the views and voices of European artists. Along the way, you can meet interesting people, or you can keep wholly to yourself, immersing yourself deeper in another country than you ever thought possible, without ever saying a word.


France: Festival de Cannes

Netherlands: IDFA Amsterdam

Spain: Filmfestival Granada

England: Raindance London

Germany: Berlinale

Slovakia: IFF Bratislava

Norway: BIFF



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