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Museum Night

Photo by: Waag Society
Let’s make this a night to remember… Museum Night is an annual event organized by museums in various cities throughout Flanders (Belgium) and the Netherlands.

 The idea behind it is pretty nifty, which is that museums keep their doors open to the public until past midnight (often till 2 a.m.). But that’s only the beginning. Museum night sparks off an explosion of activities citywide, creating a no holds barred atmosphere that sweeps everyone who’s out up in its wake. The normally forbidding doors of magnificent buildings suddenly open wide to reveal their secrets to the world. Music, poetry, theatre, paintings, sculpture and other art forms all vie for attention during this sizzling one-night event.


Different as day and night...

Museum Night puts everything in a whole new perspective. Fresh and unexpected, it’s fun and interesting for that very reason. After all, when else can you admire beautiful objects until deep in the night? During the day, most of us have to go to work or school and just don’t have the time...


Museum Night is actually culture and a night on the town rolled into one. Going to bed early simply isn’t an option. Museum Nights bring people together, creating a special showcase for performers, artists, poets, historians, scientists, lecturers and other creative personalities. So if you’re keen to see a different side of your city and taking a refreshing dive into its nightlife, keep your eyes open for the next Museum Night. And for the die-hard night owls, there are also plenty of after parties that continue on until the wee hours, after even the museums have closed their doors.


Museum Nights in 2014

Dates have already been fixed for several Museum Nights in the Netherlands next year. Regularly check these websites for full date and programme details:


Amsterdam -

1 November 2014


Rotterdam -

8 March 2014, theme: Tracks


Delft -

24 oktober 2014


The Hague -

to be confirmed


Utrecht -

to be confirmed


Leiden -

to be confirmed





Published: Thu, 19/12/2013 - 09:59

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