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Europeana is a digital library – or Internet library – for all Europe. It has a myriad of materials to peruse and read, just like a real library, but then online. Now, you may be wondering, what’s so special about that…?

Being able to visit a digital library means you no longer have to travel to Paris to admire the stunning paintings in the Louvre or to London to see the Greek temple at the British Museum.


Europeana brings together a vast store of European heritage in its digital database, so that everything of value from all over Europe can be made available in one place. The organization carrying out this brilliant idea is the Dutch Royal Library in The Hague, which heads the Europeana project. In fact, the project follows quite naturally from the Netherlands’ position as a world leader in the digitization of national collections at museums, libraries and archives.


All the national libraries of all 27 EU member states and more than a thousand European cultural organizations supply material for Europeana. In other words, the content is drawn from every corner of Europe. And the collection will only go on growing: the more gems are added to this library of European treasures, the better!


Europeana offers something for everyone. For example, you can illustrate your presentation with an object from a museum or a rare book that’s kept under lock and key because it’s too fragile to even touch.


Plus, if you can’t easily access a museum or library, Europeana is a great way to visit the highlights of European history without need to walk, travel or expend any energy at all! So what are you waiting for?


Using the My Europeana you can even create your own collection of objects that interest or intrigue you. Who knew visiting the library could be so much fun?




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