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Photo by: Christiaan Triebert
Hitchhiking, there’s a good chance your parents did it back in the days... During the seventies this was thé form of transport for holidays outside your own 'living area'.

Not everyone had a car back then, like most people do now. So shared use of vehicles was much more common. You could travel without having to spend a lot of money, ideal!


True, the world around us has changed a bit since then… lastminutes, glamping, low cost flights that take you wherever you want. But sometimes adventure lurks around the corner: not planning everything ahead, embracing the unexpected and just go to set up your tent exactly where the sun is shining bright enough.


Hitchhiking requires a lot more caution then it did in the seventies, the hippie age is truly over. But nowadays you have online platforms that show you in advance if there are people that can take you somewhere. These websites help you investigate your options and often you can already see online if ‘shared costs’ or a ‘fixed price per mile’ is in order. A few European websites for hitchhikers that you can check out:



Carpooling (FR):

Backseat Surfing:

Carpooling (UK):

Carpooling (DE):


It speaks for itself that you have to take care of your own and other’s safety. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t get in a car or alarm someone around you. Travel together if you can and use your common sense. If you do this, hitchhiking can be a super cool traveling option that brings you meetings with new and interesting people, cool travel stories and last but not least: you take care of the environment.

Published: Tue, 07/04/2015 - 16:10

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