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Europes loveliest hostels

It's always fun to explore new parts of Europe, but do you know what's even better? Exploring new parts of Europa and sleeping in the best hostels! But despite you mostly just sleep there, they actually do make your trip more fun. Hostels like these:

Train Hostel, Brussels

From € 24 p.p. in a 9-person dorm


This train-themed hostel is perfect for everyone who'd prefer being on the road, even in the night. Sleep in a real train compartment or a dorm that looks like one. And you know what's best? You don't wake up in the middle of the night here because of a ticket check, bumpy road or the conductor's whistle.


Ostel, Berlin
From  € 30 p.p. in a single room


Do you wish you'd be born before the Berlin Wall fell and would get the chance to take a look into the DDR? Just book yourself a night in Ostel! They have original furniture and wallpaper from that time, and I bet there's no other possiblity for you to get this close to then right now. Even on the toilet you'll go back in time.


Hostel Hektor, Tartu

From € 16 p.p. in a 4-person dorm


This most likely is the most colorful hostel in Europe, without getting too crazy. You can't choose the color of your room's floor, Hostel Hektor writes, but we're pretty sure there will be a splash of yellow anyway. And that brings you in the best mood when waking up - and most likely also when falling asleep!



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Subspace Hostel, Zagreb

From € 19 p.p. in a 10-person dorm


It's not possible to go to space yet, but it is possible to go to Zagreb! This Japanese style capsule hostel doesn't only offer you your private some square meter-room, but honestly even your little piece of space. If you'd like to be an astronaut one day, this really is where dreams come true (a bit).


Celica Art hostel, Ljubljana

From € 19 p.p. in a 7-person dorm


Would you like to spend a night in jail, voluntarily? Go visit this former prison in Ljubljana, which nowadays is a hostel. Each cell has been designed by another artist and although the bars are real, there's a real bed as well. It's waiting for you with a lovely, thick mattress.


Artharmony, Praag

From € 16 p.p. in a 6-person dorm


In the middle of the city, but most of all in the middle of nature. Artharmony is a small paradise with its hundreds of plants, tree trunks, stones and even swings and bird cages. You'll sleep either in the Sahara, the jungle or in a tree house when staying in this hostel. No room is the same, which makes the surprise when opening your hostel room even bigger!

Published: Fri, 07/07/2017 - 13:31

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