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Join the wave, become a Young Ocean Advocate

Seneste opdateret den Fredag, 25/03/2022

Are you in love with the Ocean? Are you concerned by the state and fate of the Arctic Ocean?

The Youth4Ocean Forum is looking for project proposals. Have you developed or would like to develop a project to protect the Arctic Ocean? 
Are you interested in the sustainable use of marine resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods, and jobs while preserving the health of marine ecosystems? Then become a young ocean advocate.


If you are a young European between 16 and 30 years old and either are or would like to develop an ocean-related project and are keen to let your voice be heard as a "Young Ocean Advocate", join in. 

As a Young Ocean Advocate you will enjoy a wide range of benefits and support for your project for instance:

  • support and guidance to carry out your activities;
  • access to the coaching/mentoring by the EU4Ocean Coalition to develop your project and skills;
  • attend events and network with leading experts, likeminded young people and professionals from all over Europe;
  • access to tools and networks to promote ocean literacy in Europe;
  • the possibility to have your project and personal profile showcased in the Youth4Ocean Forum section on the Maritime Forum website of the European Commission, and promoted on social media by the EU4Ocean Coalition;
  • the possibility to participate in the EU4Ocean Summit (to be held at the European Maritime Day conference, Ravenna, Italy, 19-21 May 2022), and to win an award for your project.


Project categories

Your project or idea can take many forms and should be relevant to the Arctic Ocean topic and focusing on education; conservation; research, performing or visual arts; Blue Economy and entrepreneurship; fisheries and aquaculture; maritime or river transport; tourism; sports; etc.

What are you waiting for?

Submit your ideas now, the deadline is 31 March 2022.
Read all details here.


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