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The European Youth Week is coming! Join us and let’s discuss together!

Sist oppdatert Onsdag, 19/05/2021

Do you want to share your opinion on a topic that is important to you? Save the date and put on your calendar days from 24 to 30 May 2021.

Come and explore the events where you can find out and discuss what do we need to do in order to create a more inclusive society; protect our environment better or just how to be more active in order to take the first step towards better future for all of us. The main theme of the European Youth Week is “Our future in our hands”. What can be your role in this? The European Youth Week will allow you to discuss all these relevant topics. 

You can meet up with peers and come up with innovative ideas to put into practice. Main topics discussed during this European Youth Week include active participation in society, including its digital dimension; inclusion and diversity; climate change, environmental protection and sustainability; health and recovery. Does it sound appealing to you?

Do not miss your shot! Take the chance to speak up for a noteworthy cause!

Are you on it? Check the European Youth Week 2021 pages to learn more and take part in activities & events.

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