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Visual of the Be Europe episodes © Eurodesk, 2022

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Last updated on Tuesday, 29/03/2022

What does it mean to be a European in 2022? Find out what young people think in the Be Europe show!

This year, on the occasion of the European Year of Youth, Eurodesk has developed the Be Europe show to put the spotlight on young people living in Europe to understand “what does it mean to be a Young European in 2022”. 

With 14 episodes and 15 youngsters from different European countries, the show is available on Twitch, YouTube and Spotify. The aim is to interview and explore how younger people experience European identity and how they seize the mobility opportunities dedicated to them, relating it to their participation in European programmes (grants, projects abroad, youth participation initiatives, etc.).

But there’s even more! The show focuses also on the opinions of young people and deals with current hot topics such as sustainability, mental health, inclusion, among others. 

The first episode was on  the 28 of February 2022 and the first country to participate was Lithuania! Paulius Serapinas was the young person interviewed in the episode and he talked about youth participation and drugs, tobacco, alcohol and harm reduction.

Curious to discover his experience and his tips and advice for all young European people? Ready to know what it means to be European for the Lithuanians? Don't wait anymore, check the podcast ? here!

? Watch now the first episode here
? Listen the podcast of the first episode here