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A New Narrative for Europe

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What do you think about Europe?

Reaching out to young people and making their voices heard is at the core of the "New Narrative for Europe" project. With this series of debates, young Europeans have the chance to influence what Europe will look like in the future.


Get involved and have your say about the future of Europe!

A number of events and debates about Europe's future are being organised across the European Union by the European Commission in partnership with different youth organisations, with the aim to get more young people involved in the discussion.


There will also be the opportunity to take part in online debates on the direction that Europe will go.


These will all be announced via the European Youth Twitter and European Youth Facebook accounts, so like / follow these and get involved!



16 April to 29 May 2016 - Imagine Europe - In search of New Narratives - Brussels, Belgium

20-21 May 2016 - A new narrative for Europe: viewpoints on European consciousness - Paris, France


Past events

26-27 March 2016 - New Narrative for Europe meets the Erasmus Student Network in Greece

Get inspired!

The Trainees of the European Commission have already given their ideas about what a future Europe may look like. Watch this video and see if your vision matches theirs'!


The EuropeThing


Follow the Ambassadors of the New Narrative for Europe!

A number of key cultural, intellectual and civil society representatives are acting as Ambassadors to take the debate across Europe. Follow them on social media!


Some of the ambassadors are listed here, along with links to their social media accounts - check them out, and continue the debate with them as well.

  • Sneska Mihailovic, Secretary-General Europa Nostra [Twitter feed]
  • Stefan Jahnke, Representative of European University Foundation [Twitter feed]
  • Safi Sabuni, President of the Erasmus Student Network [Twitter feed]
  • Johanna Nyman, President of the European Youth Forum [Twitter feed]
  • Ali Mahlodji, former Youth in Action Ambassador [Twitter feed]


What was done before?

This is the second phase of the New Narrative for Europe project, and was launched by Tibor Navracsics, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport in February 2016 (see the Storify for the launch event below.)


The first phase of the project gave a voice to the artistic, cultural, scientific and intellectual communities to share their visions of what Europe stands for today and tomorrow.  A group of prominent figures from the cultural sector launched a declaration called "The Mind and Body of Europe" just before the 2014 European Parliament elections.


New Narrative for Europe:  Storify from the 2016 launch event:


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