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ING Night Marathon in Luxembourg

marathon in Luxembourg
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Much like the New York City marathon and the London Marathon, Luxembourg city has its own running event, taking place every summer.

The ING Night Marathon, also known as ING Europe Marathon takes place in the beginning of June every year, starting at seven in the afternoon. According to participants, this is a well-organised marathon and it follows a beautiful course around Luxembourg City. There are numerous possibilities to run half marathon or to participate in the team run, as well as to run in order to encourage a friend of yours to make it to the finish line for the last kilometers of the course.


That particular day is a festive one, with music bands playing in several parts of the city, international spectators and normally good weather. It’s a youthful event that promotes a healthy lifestyle, as well as the values of willpower and perseverance.


If you are engaged in social matters, you can run for a non-profit organization and raise money for a cause. What can be more fulfilling than the life experience of running, for instance, for Doctors without Borders in order to raise money for the malnourished children in Niger?

Published: Tue, 28/05/2013 - 16:06

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