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Sports for all in Luxembourg

sports in luxembourg
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Luxembourg is offering a wide range of sports and activities for young people who want to keep fit. And when spring comes, let’s not forget our bicycle!

“Mens sana in corpore sano” or else “A sound mind in a healthy body” is what we are all looking for. Is there anything else that can keep the doctor away, except for an apple a day? Yes, there’s also physical exercise.


Toning the body and keeping up cardiovascular activity is essential for a good quality of life, away from medicine and everyday illnesses. Do you like swimming? Team sports? Or do you prefer dancing? The City of Luxembourg offers you a cheap and varied program of sports activities to chose from called “Sports for All” whether it’s the outdoors or the indoors that you opt for.


If you’re living in Luxembourg City with only 30 Euros per sport per semester you can follow your favourite sports class. If you want to have the possibility to follow numerous classes, then with 110 Euros you’re in! You can check the full program of the activities and the prices in detail.


Friskis&Svettis is another fun choice for youth; the non-profit organisation offers a choice of activities, like Nordic walking, jogging, yoga, afro and medium pulse and will not make you exceed your budget either.


You can also find zumba classes –the girls all over the world love it- in and around Luxembourg City and...happy sweating!


In Luxembourg cycling is one of the favourite sports -especially since the Schleck brothers are competing for international championships, using their muscles and their bikes. The Cycling Federation can help you be like them, or else you can always use the Veloh! city bikes for very cheap to commute while exercising!


Last, but not least, the Nautical Base Lultzhausen offers to youth in Luxembourg water activities like canoe-kayak, sailing and other activities for groups or individuals

Published: Tue, 28/05/2013 - 16:01

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