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“The effort we make to be happy is never lost” is the motto of the Mediation Centre; this non-profit organization can offer assistance in many ways.

Mediation Centre is a non-profit organisation aiming to help young individuals or adults with problems they are facing. Do you have problems with your parents? Do you want to leave home, but you have nowhere to go? Do you have a drug or alcohol dependency? You can get assistance to the above problems, through the psychologists of the organisation. If you have some questions regarding the law and you don’t know how to proceed, a law specialist can enlighten you.


Even in case you feel depressed, you are in debt, have problems with your family members and life seems to you a burden, you are not alone. You can find people to confide them with your problems, seek for advice or psychological support or just find a way to feel better. " Suicide is not a chosen act, it is an idea that comes only when all our suffering is greater than our ability to cope with this pain." At Prevention-Suicide you can find caring human beings like you, to ease your pain and help you find again happiness in every single day.


In Luxembourg, the non-profit organization SOS Detresse also offers online support for situations of crisis and life hardships that can sometimes be difficult to cope with alone. A team of supporters can offer both oral (through phone call to the number 45 45 45) or written communication in many languages, in all discretion and respect to your privacy. 

You equally have the choice of group-therapy or support groups; it's probably helpful for you to share your painful experience with somebody who is going through the same situation and discover new ways on how to confront such situations.


Don't leave it for tomorrow, if you feel like you need it! If you are taking contact with people that can support you, you're already on the right track.



Published: Tue, 28/05/2013 - 15:28

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