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Au pair in Luxembourg

au pair in Luxembourg
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A new law amendment is here to regulate the welcoming of young people that decide to discover Luxembourg while helping a family with kids.

The au pair experience targets young people aged 18 till 30 who love kids and would like to take care of them. Both sides benefit from it: the host family gets some help, and the young person is discovering a new country, learning or ameliorating a foreign language and gains international experience. And all that, within the safety of a family that treats the au pair as a new family member and without him/her having to bother for rent and bills.


Do you like kids?


Would you like to improve your language skills?


Did you go to school until you were 17 years old?


Would you like to discover Luxembourg while giving a helping hand to a family?


If you have anwered “yes” to the above questions, then maybe being au pair is a good solution for you.


During your stay in Luxembourg as an au pair, you will be offered free lodging and meals, pocket money, health insurance and language lessons, and, of course free time. Languages that may be required, are mainly one of the following: French, German, English, Portuguese, but you might be able to find a family from any other background. Driving license may also be required, as well as non-smoking candidates. In some occasions, you may have to love animals, too. It all depends on your host family, so don’t forget to clarify the details before taking a decision.


It’s up to you to search for your host family, through agencies online. Once you know that you found the right family for you, you both have to sign an agreement and then your Luxembourg experience is only some steps away!

Gepubliceerd: Vr, 24/05/2013 - 13:43

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